Resetting for a New Year


I hope you are reading this feeling happy, relieved, re-energized, reconnected, and relaxed after the whirlwind of feverish activity (eating, drinking, spending, socializing) that we call “The Holidays”. You haven’t heard much from me since Thanksgiving, and for a very good reason.

This year I decided to “check out to check in” as we entered the firestorm of the season. I had some exciting overseas travel on the calendar (Cambodia/Myanmar), some domestic travel to visit family (Ohio), and what was leftover was just a few days of downtime in my own “sad undecorated” home in between it all. It was quite liberating in a new way to not have Christmas decorations to contend with.

My absolute favorite part of this season is always the wrapping up of a long year (which would make sense for an organizer). This is how I spend the final days transition from December to January:

  • decluttering the most essential areas of my home (pantry, clothing closet, office).
  • reading all our gratitude’s collected throughout the year.
  • dreaming and scheming of what I desire for the New Year.
  • releasing emotions and behaviors that I don’t want to carry into the New Year with me.
  • inviting in emotions and behaviors that I want to support me.

As I do this exercise each year, I am always reminded of all that I already have (physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially and relationships). While I was thinking about setting some intentions for the new year, I realized that what kept bubbling up was just one word which summarized what I desired more of in the new year, and it wasn’t anything I didn’t already have. It was something I had that I needed to pay more attention to: Connection.

  • Connection to People – taking more time for old friends, family, business partners, new friends, strangers, embracing those relationships both here and abroad.
  • Connection to Body – adjusting my diet to nourish my body in the healthiest way possible, getting daily exercise that feels fun and playful.
  • Connection to Nature – getting out on trails more, resetting my energy and soul, appreciating the beauty that is all around us on any given day.
  • Connection to Heart – continue working and living from a heart centered place, create new programs for my clients to do the same, promote the power of working/living from a place of love and compassion.

If you had a one-word “theme” for this year, what would it be and why? I invite you to pay attention to what words have been circling in your head, as they share a very important message for you. Use that message as a guide as you embrace the year ahead and all that it has in store for you. It’s there for a reason, listen to it.


P.S. If you could use some help identifying your theme for the new year, setting your action items, and having some accountability, I can help. I’m offering a 1-hour Complimentary Clutter Breakthrough Session for those that are ready to trade in their clutter for clarity this year. The change is already inside of you waiting to emerge, let’s make it happen for you this year!

Focus on what matters

You don’t need a lot to be happy. You just need to have the things that matter to you.

Take the time to identify and understand your values. Then honor them by integrating them into every part of your life.

For example: “Connection” is one of my top 5 values. I have identified (4) action items to help me feel more connected, which is essential to my happiness.

“Happiness is that state of consciousness which proceeds
from the achievement of one’s values”
~ Ayn Rand


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