The Owl’s Message


What’s your favorite sound?

At the end of yoga class early this morning, I was laying shavasana and could hear an owl hooting in the stillness of the dark early hour.

Hoo-Hoo.  Silence.  Hoo-Hoo. Silence.  Hoo-Hoo. 

I was immediately taken back to my childhood.  At night in the summertime, my sisters and I would be in sent to bed by 7:30pm.  Yeah, we were THOSE kids whose parents had had enough and made us go to bed really, really early…even when it was still daylight out, because they knew we’d be up by 6am and they needed some peace.  But I digress. 

It was dusk out, I would lie in my bed, and could hear our neighborhood owl.  He took up residence in a 200+ foot redwood tree on our property.  Like clockwork, he would hoot each dusk and again at dawn.

It was the most calming sound.  I could rely on it every evening to help me transition from day to night, and slowly into slumber.  It brought me peace, comfort, connection to something bigger, and reminded me that a fresh new day was in early preparation. 

The sound brought me hope that the next day would be even more exciting and filled with new adventure.

Every now and then I find myself sleeping at my parents’ home in my old bedroom, with the window a jar.  And I can still hear the owl hooting.  Maybe this owl is a descendant of the one from my childhood.

What I do know is that his sound brings me comfort at the deepest level.  When I heard the owl this morning in class, it was as reminder from nature to be at peace.  To tap into the feeling of comfort and connection.  A reminder that each day brings us new opportunities for Joy and Adventure, but we need to listen for the sound to remind us that it’s available to us.

What is your favorite sound?  

What reminder does it bring you when you hear it? 

Go into your day listening with keen ears. 

Ask for the sound to be heard. 

Be present.



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