Welcome to Bacon Bits!


Sizzling with ideas to live a healthy and sustainable lifestyle (and yes, bacon is healthy, kinda)

BaconBits is just that: simple and delicious bits and tips about life, balance, health and of course clutter.  As a Life Coach, a Reiki Master and a Professional Organizer, clutter is my business. Whether it’s mental clutter affecting your mind, body clutter affecting your health, or space clutter affecting your home or office, I will share bits of life lessons learned, tricks of the trade, healthy habits, and holistic and sustainable approaches to taming your clutter habit(s).

Like the name implies, they won’t be long posts or too often (dare I clutter your inbox), but rather short “bits” of thoughts and ideas that you can take into your day for your mind, your body or your space, to help you find clarity and alignment so that you can thrive.

I welcome your feedback, comments, shared tips, and bacon recipes (just kidding on the recipes).

Your sizzlin’ bits are awaitin’…


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