Resetting for a New Year

I hope you are reading this feeling happy, relieved, re-energized, reconnected, and relaxed after the whirlwind of feverish activity (eating, drinking, spending, socializing) that we call “The Holidays”. You haven’t heard much from me since Thanksgiving, and for a very good reason. This year I decided to “check out to check in” as we entered… continue.

The Owl’s Message

What’s your favorite sound? At the end of yoga class early this morning, I was laying shavasana and could hear an owl hooting in the stillness of the dark early hour. Hoo-Hoo.  Silence.  Hoo-Hoo. Silence.  Hoo-Hoo.  I was immediately taken back to my childhood.  At night in the summertime, my sisters and I would be… continue.

Welcome to Bacon Bits!

Sizzling with ideas to live a healthy and sustainable lifestyle (and yes, bacon is healthy, kinda) BaconBits is just that: simple and delicious bits and tips about life, balance, health and of course clutter.  As a Life Coach, a Reiki Master and a Professional Organizer, clutter is my business. Whether it’s mental clutter affecting your mind,… continue.