What happens when we hesitate?

  Recently I was watching an interesting interview between two entrepreneurs and they were talking about what holds people back from doing new things, making big decisions, or just taking risks outside their comfort zone. In short, it was all about FEAR. Fear of failure, fear of what might go wrong, fear of what others… continue.

Declutter + Simplify = Beautify

  A couple of weeks ago as I was doing another dreaded load of laundry, and felt so tired of looking at the mess of product containers. While I regularly use all the products on the shelf, I was tired of hassling with the different styles and weights of containers. So, I made a quick… continue.

15 minutes in nature is all it takes

  Last week I had over an hour to kill in between client appointments, and typically I would take that time focused on my phone and get caught up on email, return calls, or surf social media (yikes). Instead, I used my phone to find a local park so I could sit or walk in…. continue.