When the only way to reconnect is to disconnect.

  I’m saying “Goodbye”. No, no not forever, just for the next two months. I’m saying goodbye to my phone, to email, to texts, to Facebook and all other social media, and to my friends, family and clients. I’m saying goodbye to my routine, my daily life as I know it and to all my… continue.

When Enough is Enough!

I just spent a full month working alongside a client who had a LOFTY goal. That goal was to declutter her ENTIRE home room by room, closet by closet, cabinet by cabinet, before her family left on a long European vacation. Why I say this is a “lofty” goal is because while it only takes… continue.

Declutter the Feng Shui Way

Declutter the Feng Shui Way Transform Your Life One Room at a Time Wondering what’s blocking you from love, money, creativity, health, or simply more joy? Join Feng Shui author Tisha Morris as she opens your eyes to a whole new way of living in your home. Clutter expert Becky Bacon will be offering easy… continue.