Green is the new Black

In America the day after Thanksgiving is known as Black Friday. It has grown to become the single largest shopping day of the year for retailers across the country. In recent years as the stores continue to get greedy, they have begun opening up as early as 10pm Thanksgiving night before the turkey is even… continue.

3 Reasons Why We Have Clutter

Clutter is exhausting, all types of clutter. Physical clutter, mental clutter, financial clutter, relationship clutter, spiritual clutter, career clutter. The list is long and unending. Clutter can be soul sucking at its worst and just an annoyance at its best. But it never seems to fully go away for most of us. It often feels… continue.

Are you Fall’ing into Overwhelm or Order?

Are you Fall’ing into Overwhelm or Order? I love summer, the warmth, the sense of play and freedom from a busy routine, a relaxed mindset, nature, beaches, VACATION! Summer for me has always been a time when I unplug and disconnect so that I can reconnect. Reconnect with myself, my dreams, my desires, my joy…. continue.