Have you ever found yourself pondering these questions:

  • Can my overwhelm, procrastination, lack of productivity get any worse?
  • Experiencing Passion and Joy on a daily basis?  Is that even possible?
  • How can I make my personal and/or professional changes stick?
  • Why does my body hurt, my mental health is suffering, and the rut just gets deeper?

I don’t know about you but I have a huge fear of change, especially when I can’t see or control how it will look on the other side. For years these questions would haunt me, until the day my body told me to sit down, shut up and listen. With a major life-threatening health scare thrust upon me and a weeklong stay in the hospital, I realized the time had come to make those long awaited changes to my life that I had been too scared to make. I didn’t have a choice but to face it and I knew it. I learned quickly that my body held more answers for me because my own thinking was limited by fear.  My body was sending me a clear and strong message that change needed to happen for my own physical and mental health and it needed to happen now! The next question my brain asked was how and where was this taking me? I realized that I had to trust my own body’s inner wisdom that it would not lead me astray.  The harder question remained, how do I do that?

One thing that quickly became very clear to me is that we get in our own way. All the time. We often don’t see it and blame others or situations for us not reaching our goals or fulfilling our dreams. The reality is that nothing really is stopping us from fulfilling our highest potential and moving towards those positive changes we’ve been dreaming about. Our own thoughts and limiting beliefs of what is possible is what gets in our way. Really.

Your thoughts -> creates emotion -> creates beliefs = your reality

If some aspect of your life isn’t working for you, start turning inside and look at your own thoughts and beliefs. You own the key to making changes, nobody else does. You have all the power to make anything happen in this world for YOU – for better and for worse. You get to choose.

My job as a Certified Mind-Body Life Coach is to guide you on this journey, reconnect you with your inner widsom, your body compass that does not know how to lie, then ask the tough questions, dive deep into your belief system and challenge your thinking. I help you find those road blocks, clear them, and let you be on your way to positive change. I offer to be a compassionate witness to listen, guide, and teach you powerful tools to help yourself get back on course. The tools I use are based in science, neuroscience, philosophy, spirituality and mind-body connection skills. You will be moving at your own pace and connecting to the path that is truest to your being. These tools will help you live the life you desire and deserve!


Are you ready to for some positive change? 

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