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Coaching Programs

  • “Power Session” 90-minute laser focused coaching

This is ideal when you are feeling stuck and not sure what direction to move towards and not ready to commit to a program or an organizing session. We will dive deep to assess what is at the root of your situation, and help you determine the best path to follow from there.

  • “Walk & Talk Sessions” 2-hour nature trail hike (easy to moderate level)

These sessions are designed to get you out of your routine, leverage the power of nature to help ground your mind, body and soul, as you get 1:1 focused coaching.  Location determined by date/time.

  • “Virtual” Coaching – 2-hour minimum via Skype.

This is a great option if you don’t live nearby, but still need support, direction, accountability, motivation and inspiration to work on your problem areas. It’s as close to me being in the room with you, you’ll hardly notice the difference, but what you get done by your own hands will still amaze you!

  • “Hands-On Project Tackler” – 4-hour minimum at your location. 

Together we work on your problem area(s), understand the situation, design a plan of action and get right to work. It’s always amazing how much can get accomplished in 4 quick hours. Oftentimes a project takes a lot less time and energy than how much you have spent struggling over it by yourself, so why wait to check this off your list?

  • “Mining for Joy” 90-day program – 1:1 structured 90-day coaching program.

We address various problem areas in your space and your life, identify bad habits that are holding you back, and work together to create a new way of living, one that is inline with your goals/values and have your environment aligned to support you. This work is done over the phone with biweekly calls, and monthly goals to focus on. At the end of 90 days you will have accomplished what you set out to do, and more than likely much more.  This program is by application only. 

  • 9-month “Private” Program – Combination of in-person and virtual coaching sessions. 

This is my mac-daddy program that pulls out all the stops for those women that want and need a Life Changer!  This work is intense, it’s weekly, you will be held accountable, you will set achievable goals, and you are really ready and committed to changing your life and done just talking about it.  We work together for nine months, so that new habits and belief systems can take root, I walk through the hard stuff with you, and at the end of our time together your future will look very different than it did going in.  This program is by application only. 

Upcoming Workshops


APRIL 2016

  • Spring Clutter Cleanse Jump Start! (online program – click here to register)6-Week online group program for jump starting your Spring Cleaning with guided direction, accountability, inspiration and support for our homes, minds and bodies. Starting April 12th – May 17th. Join the group, set your intentions and get motivated and inspired to gain control of all those problem areas once and for all! All sessions are recorded so you can listen and work when it fits your schedule best, and re-listen for inspiration when you need it most. Aren’t you ready to move into Spring feeling lighter, less stressed, and more in control?
  • Transform Your Life One Room at a Time (in-person workshop 4/24/16)Wondering what’s blocking you from love, money, creativity, health, or simply more joy? Join Feng Shui author Tisha Morris as she opens your eyes to a whole new way of living in your home. Clutter expert Becky Bacon will be offering easy tips on taking the overwhelm out of decluttering, while also offering us an exclusive look behind the veil of her own feng shui no-no’s. Join Tisha and Becky as they give you a behind the scene’s look at how to declutter the feng shui way. You will never see your home (or yourself) the same again


New Year Reset Workshop – Goal setting through working with horses. January 23rd, 2016

Women’s Weekend Retreats

Organized weekends to help unplug, drop in and refocus.

Women’s Wisdom Circle

Topics on how to reclaim your time, money, health and well-being.

Custom Workshops and Retreats

Together we create a custom workshop or retreat for a private group or work team for team building, dream building, intention setting, organization/productivity practices, whatever is needed. It can be held on-site at your business or off-site.

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Together, we can align your mind, body and space so that you can have a life that rocks!


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