A room holds energy. The energy in your room (home or office) can be supporting you and making you feel uplifted, creative, successful and at peace. Or it can create just the opposite, depleating you of energy and health, leaving you feeling overwhelmed, stressed, discouraged, depressed and feeling paralyzed.

Your external environment is a three dimensional view of what’s going on internally for you.

Clutter and chaos are just symptoms and a reflection of your mental clutter and discomfort that you may be experiencing manifesting in your body. Clutter in your environment zaps any positive energy out of a room and contributes to a negative energy flow. This is a huge contributor to health issues, financial woes, relationship stress and even weight gain.

Why we create clutter is directly related to what our minds are thinking, how stressed we are, and how we are choosing to live our lives. This is where I can help as a Professional Organizer.  In order to clear up environmental clutter or chaos, we need to gain clarity on internal issues and goals, connect positively with your environment in need and change those habits that are not in support of those goals. For lasting positive change, the work must happen from the inside out, starting with your mind, reconnecting with your body, and aligning your environment.

There really is no way around this. It’s all connected, all of the time; the mind, the body and the environment are synergestic in health, and also in destruction. The good news is that you have total control of putting all this back into balance and alignment.


Are you ready to gain clarity and renewed energy in your home or office environment? 

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