Testimonial: Every day when I cam…

Every day when I came home from work and saw all the clutter in my home, I could feel my chest starting to tighten and my anxiety levels go up. I have 3 young kids, work full time and just felt suffocated and overwhelmed by the clutter. I didn’t feel comfortable in my own home. Rationally I knew what to do, but emotionally couldn’t find the energy to start. Finally, I made a resolution to do something about it and reached out to Becky. We spent a long weekend tackling the mess and reclaiming parts of my home. It was hard work but with Becky’s guidance and firm de-cluttering hand, we made some serious progress. It was so liberating! I cannot tell you how heavy clutter weighs on your emotional self. Becky didn’t just focus on removing the physical mess, but helped me to better understand the root cause of the clutter, be much more mindful of my actions and provided me with some very valuable tools to keep it from occurring again. Is my house totally clutter free? Heck no. But is it in a state that I feel good about and know that I have control over it? Yes!! I can finally breathe and relax in my home and I am very grateful for the help Becky gave me.

San Francisco, CA