Testimonial: I have never worked …

I have never worked with a “life coach” in my life ever. There seems to be a myriad of definitions about life coaches and life coaching – most of which I am aware of. I don’t know that there is a right or a better definition than the other but here is what I know from working with Becky and here is what I believe a life coach/life coaching should be. Becky makes no assumptions about anything. She is open. What comes out of her is always spot on because she listens, she listens well. Becky is eager to share her own experiences and this makes learning from her accessible and real. She is not bookish or gets caught up with all the different theories or best practices she has learned which makes her suggestions, recommendations even more real and authentic. She is not scripted. She comes across as having made the journey herself which breeds trust in those she works with; not to mention credibility. She has a great sense of humor which in this line of work I believe is necessary. She doesn’t preach, she has a dialogue – what a novelty this is. In the end, she is a terrific life coach not because her life has been blessed more than mine or that she has a better handle on it than I do or that she has gone through a whole lot more than I have – this is not how or who she is; she is a terrific life coach because she embraces life and all its possibilities and she is passionate that we all get the most out of it – with no judgments – she is there to quite simply point this out or help me get this sorted out. At the end of the day, I walk believing in myself. She has done her job well.

San Francisco, CA