Success Stories

Working with Becky to purge and then set up my office has been one of the best gifts I’ve given myself. I love her efficient approach sprinkled with gentle tough love, which allowed me to shed so much more than I would have on my own. She also helped me organize and implement a system to make me aware of the things I actually use so I’ve been able to continue purging on my own. Dropping off a car load of stuff at Goodwill felt amazing!

I am also space-challenged because I work and live in a ‘cozy’ SF apartment. Becky helped me create space and set up my office in a way that I love and is functional at the same time. Her insights and advice on what to buy was invaluable and her extra care in ensuring the aesthetic matched my personal style was greatly appreciated.

What I love about Becky is that she brings her awesome organization, efficiency, laughter, intuition, and coaching abilities to help you not only sort out your physical space but to also create behaviors that help you reach your goals – whether you need to grow a business or sleep better at night. Not to mention, she has some crazy power tool skills, can get your stuff recycled, and with her at your side you just GET IT DONE. Thank you, Becky!


I was very impressed the way Becky dove right in, and what felt like a snap, 13 huge bags of clothing removed from my closet and dressers. My bedroom was transformed from a complete and utter mess to a sparkling bedroom. Becky also has a flare for design, she was able to re-purpose existing items to a better place. I was quite happy to sit and marvel at the transformation, and stop there. With no sign of waning energy from Becky, we got started on organizing years of boxes and file cabinets in my home office.  As much as one can look forward to cleaning, I am looking forward to Becky’s next visit to finish off the remaining rooms. Becky’s cheerful “can do” attitude and efficient methods makes an unpleasant project, practically fun.

San Francisco, CA

Becky doesn’t just organize for you, rather she shows you how to do get organized, helps discover what might be holding you back, and teaches you how to find the organizer within yourself. Becky’s skills are a whole package; she organizes your space and mind.

San Francisco, CA

Every day when I came home from work and saw all the clutter in my home, I could feel my chest starting to tighten and my anxiety levels go up. I have 3 young kids, work full time and just felt suffocated and overwhelmed by the clutter. I didn’t feel comfortable in my own home. Rationally I knew what to do, but emotionally couldn’t find the energy to start. Finally, I made a resolution to do something about it and reached out to Becky. We spent a long weekend tackling the mess and reclaiming parts of my home. It was hard work but with Becky’s guidance and firm de-cluttering hand, we made some serious progress. It was so liberating! I cannot tell you how heavy clutter weighs on your emotional self. Becky didn’t just focus on removing the physical mess, but helped me to better understand the root cause of the clutter, be much more mindful of my actions and provided me with some very valuable tools to keep it from occurring again. Is my house totally clutter free? Heck no. But is it in a state that I feel good about and know that I have control over it? Yes!! I can finally breathe and relax in my home and I am very grateful for the help Becky gave me.

San Francisco, CA

People don’t think twice about hiring a professional trainer – so why not hire a professional organizer. When Becky said she could help us with a big organizing project we had been putting off for years we decided to enlist her help. Becky arrived early Saturday morning prepared with a plan, plenty of great ideas and lots of energy. She kept us focused and making quick decisions allowing us to accomplish much more then we envisioned for the day. We not only emptied the entire storage container in our driveway but cleared out the garage as well. Thanks to Becky we can now park our cars in the garage and keep the ping pong table setup for the kids to enjoy. Becky turned a dreaded project into a fun and rewarding experience. She’s fantastic!

Brad & Joyce
Menlo Park, CA

I’m certainly not someone who is unfamiliar with all the self-help strategies, books, theories, etc. that are out there these days. But we all know that trying to figure it out on your own is challenging, if not impossible.

We all need someone who we can trust, who is enthusiastic about getting to know us, and has the energy and the passion for helping us think through all the possible paths we might take. Becky is just such a person – a great coach, but also a great partner. She is always excited for the next session, and it almost seems like she gets as much out of the sessions as I do! That may be Becky’s most valuable trait – her ability to listen, consider other viewpoints, and not just talk “at you”. It’s as if she was made to do this.

San Francisco, CA

I have never worked with a “life coach” in my life ever. There seems to be a myriad of definitions about life coaches and life coaching – most of which I am aware of. I don’t know that there is a right or a better definition than the other but here is what I know from working with Becky and here is what I believe a life coach/life coaching should be. Becky makes no assumptions about anything. She is open. What comes out of her is always spot on because she listens, she listens well. Becky is eager to share her own experiences and this makes learning from her accessible and real. She is not bookish or gets caught up with all the different theories or best practices she has learned which makes her suggestions, recommendations even more real and authentic. She is not scripted. She comes across as having made the journey herself which breeds trust in those she works with; not to mention credibility. She has a great sense of humor which in this line of work I believe is necessary. She doesn’t preach, she has a dialogue – what a novelty this is. In the end, she is a terrific life coach not because her life has been blessed more than mine or that she has a better handle on it than I do or that she has gone through a whole lot more than I have – this is not how or who she is; she is a terrific life coach because she embraces life and all its possibilities and she is passionate that we all get the most out of it – with no judgments – she is there to quite simply point this out or help me get this sorted out. At the end of the day, I walk believing in myself. She has done her job well.

San Francisco, CA

Working with Becky gave me the courage and clarity to move on from a “dead end” job and pursue opportunities that tap into my inner dreams and passions. The vision board process she uses is a powerful and fun tool. Becky is a consummate professional and a true pleasure to work with.

Santa Rosa, CA